With what we have discussed in this subject

With what we have discussed in this subject, I learned that the Special Education (SPED) needs more understanding of the world and the government should give emphasis to this kind of education.

Here in the Philippines, we have laws that protects and secures people who are in need of special education. I recall some of our lessons that we have tackled in our first meeting. I remember that we discussed the laws and articles of special education. Based on Article 356 and 259 of Commonwealth Act No. 3203, it stated the rights of every child to live in an atmosphere conducive to his physical, moral and intellectual development. To promotes the full growth of the faculties and every child. The provision of this act is to provide care and to give protection to the disabled children.

There is an article that was established a Ten-Year Teacher Training Program for teachers who teach a special education. Republic Act No. 5250, provides provision regarding formal training of teachers for deaf, hard-of-hearing, speech handicapped, socially and emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded and mentally gifted. While, Republic Act No. 3562 is the act that promotes the education of the blind person here in the Philippines.
The teachers of blind children should be trained by the government agency for education known as DepEd.