Which one is better

Which one is better, IOS or Android ? In this new era, smartphones are dominating in global market that has been choose by all people around the world. Iphone could be expensive but the society nowdays willing to pay a high amount of money for the sake of iphone because of the popularity of iphone and also they have the best apps compared to android. IOS is a operation system that created by apple and Android is an operating system created by google.The reasons why IOS is more popular than Android is because, IOS are more secure, IOS are more private, and IOS is more user-friendly.
Firstly, IOS are more secure. IOS is more secure than android, this is because IOS has a build in app called track your phone and find your friends comparing to an android which doesn’t provide this kinds of app at the phones, but you can only get this app by paying at play store. This app called track your phone is very useful app that can track where is your phone at. For example, if you are misplaced your phone or your phone being stolen by someone or you losing your phone you can use this app to track your iphone but you must also log in with your iCloud ID so they can detect the location of your iphone. After that, you will be able to know where is your iphone because you already know the location by trace it and you might have a big chance to get back your iphone. Not only that, you can also erase all your private data if you are worried that someone can accessing your private data in your phone. You can delete all of it in order to protect your information in your phone. Other than that, app find your friend is app that can detect the location of your friend but you have to add them as your friend first then you can detect their location. In case you are worried about your friend safety because they still not coming back home so you can trace their location and you will be able to know where they are. IOS also has more safety features that is very secure compared to android.
Secondly,IOS are more private.Apple IOS very rigid in giving access to your locations and contact info to your Apps, which is not the case with Android OS Apps. Besides that as we know that iphone is introducing touch ID, the iphone 5s was the first iphone to feature a security measure that Apple calls the secure enclave, a sub-section of the processor chip that stores the fingerprints and other security critical data, is is also a crucial part of the encoryption setup. The secure enclave user a secure boot system to ensure that the code it runs cant be modified. The secure enclave means, in effcet, that Apple itself cannot break into an iphone if its a 5s or later and has been protected with a passcode. Nowdays, iphone not just only protected by touch ID or passcode since iphone X is already out they now have new featured which is face recognition. When you want to open your phone you have to make sure that you are holding your phone correctly. After that, makesure that your face position in front of your phone are good so it can detect your face easily and your phone is already open.
Thirdly, IOS is more user-friendly. Personally IOS is easier and more convinient and enjoyable to use than Android . Once people have tried the iphone they tend to stick with it. IOS is more secure to used because our phone cant easily get the virus and not easy to be hack by the hackers. However if you like to playing around with the operating system or hacking apps, downloading music and movies for free or even customizing your phone interface for example widgets, wallpaper, apps location than you should take an android device.
Besides of the good things in IOS Apple has always been at the top end of the market interms of pricing, the new phone Iphone Xs took things to a whole new level with a starting price of RM 4999. If you dont want to spent that much you can go for the 2 years old iphone like Iphone 5s or Iphone 6, thats as cheap as it gets unless you are not into the secondhand market. Iphone also has weakness from their battery because their battery are not longlasting if you are using to much apps on the Iphone and the battery can easily become weak and need to used powerbank all the time.
As for the conclusion , we believe that IOS is way better and also has alot of benefits. We also can see how populor IOS is since most of people these days are choosing IOS over android and from there we can see how famous and its known world wide. But no matter whatever the outcome that comes we should be proud that our country has moved foward and has also very updated in the tecnology sector.