When people think of branding

When people think of branding, normally the outcome is slogans of different companies such Nike with the motto of “Just do it” or McDonald’s with “I’m Loving it”. I believe that everyone has a calling and that calling is just as unique as our fingerprints. Personal branding is how you introduce yourself to the world and how other people perceive you as an individual. When you type an email, you’re branding yourself. You have a conversation with a friend or family member, you’re branding yourself. How you dress, what you eat, and how you talk all contributes to your brand. The summation of all these associations about you that are stored in people’s minds. Personal branding is inescapable. Throughout the years of being a member of the Boys and Girls Club, I have prospered in a unique self-made individual. My personal brand is me.
Being unapologetically me