What started off as a harmless demonstrational march

What started off as a harmless demonstrational march, turned into a brutal, violent riot that spread all across South Africa. On June 16, 1976, police responded to a huge mass of protesting students and teachers, with tear gas and live bullets. The people referred to it as “cold-blooded murder”. All they wanted was a better education that they weren’t getting. The education act that was passed by the Bantu Education Department is what sparked the fire in the people of Soweto, South Africa, which caused only the beginning of the huge conflict. Protests and riots started spreading rapidly. Most of the townships covering Southern Africa were involved. It even caused a world-wide boycott of South African produce. This historical event was known as the Soweto Uprising. The students were protesting against the South African apartheid administration. They ended up being the most violent riots that the administration had ever experienced