What does it take to become a great leader

What does it take to become a great leader? What skills and/or techniques do you need to inquire to become a leader? Does there need to be plan in place for things to fall into place for the leader? What actions and consequences should be given once you become a leader? Have I developed communication, organizational, motivational, and listening skills to become a leader? These are all the questions or thoughts that take place when one is in the process of becoming a leader. All which will tie into what is leadership development.

Leadership development is there to expand the minds of people to perform leadership roles in the workplace. The development of leaders tries to focus on the individuals abilities to get the job done and their attitude about the leadership role. Personal traits and characteristics can be a pro and a con when it comes to becoming a leader. If you show that you ready to get the job done and will do anything necessary shows good traits of a leader, but if you show that you are sluggish and will get the job done when you get to it shows bad traits of a leader. Which will show that you will need a course on leadership development. You need to show that you are willing take charge and delegate tasks necessary to get the job done. A leaders job.