Verbal:- Job interview- Sales talk- Product presentation- Assessment talk Purpose:- Update knowledge- Sharing information- Updating future plans- Making convincing – Competitive insight- To be recognized – Avoid misunderstanding Sources of information:- Manufacturer – Product description – Sales department, (delivery time, prices)- Finance department (payment) Goal:- Close a deal- Decisions- Making plansExchange information Audience requirements:- Deaf: sign language- Translator- Children: simple language, short sentences – Images
-Contracts- Sales letter- Papers, memo- Reports – Updating Knowledge – Getting information- To represent words with physical symbols- No need for personal contact. – Newspapers- Books- Trade journals- Government publications – Making a decision- Hire an employee- Quick response- To inform – Reading ability- Legibility- Interest
– Gender and ethnicity
Visual:- Posters- Billboards- Warning signs – Logos – Make your brand popular.

– Getting attention from consumers- Communicate safe information.- To identify the products – Sales department- Finance department- Inform
– Advertise -To be recognized -Brand awareness – To make profit- Attract people – Interest- Age and attention span- Images- Blind: Braille
Digital:- E-mails-Website – Smartphone- Social Media -Updating knowledge- Informing future developments – To determine the right platform-Advertise -Quick response- Sharing information- – Electronic:- Tv- Radio- Phone- -Communicating sales promotions- — Other: