Unfreezing, this refers to the current status of the business concerning of breaking it down before rebuilding a new ways and paths of operating in the business for success. Certain points to view why the current operating pathways cannot continued. This is very recognizable in which you can point out to sales figure, financial health etc.… in fact, these shows that things should reconsider using the current operating ways. For a successful business, you need to start from the core areas like beliefs, behaviors, values and so on which examines everything. For this changing it might be not supportive but especially the business might come to a down-fall. Well this part maybe the hardiest part in terms of cutting down how things are done which makes everything off balance in the business which you may suggest positive forms in people hence the purpose that’s exactly what to be done. In relation to Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited, unfreezing owner making all critical decision into involving the staff in innovation and ideas for the success of the business like making an immediate decision.
Change, this stage refers to people findings new ways to handle things like resolving hesitation. This refers to people adapting to new ways and acting towards the new direction. Alteration from unfreeze doesn’t take overnight: with new direction people takes time to adapt to the new ways. For the successful of the business they had to accept and act on it, well people needs to know what advantages they have. At this stage, everyone will not fall in line in terms of the changing and benefits the business in which this difficulty should be avoided. For some people, they are not confident with this change which mainly those who earn so much from the current status. Others may delay time to initialize benefits change brings in which it should be screen this typical situation. Communicating and time are central for changing occurred succeed. People need space to understand changes, and feel connected to the transition throughout the transition period. In relation to Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited, moving from owner held all decision making to having other staff member involved in decision making represent a major change and needs to be screen if this is to succeed.
Refreeze, this stage refers when people starts to adapt and understand the new era of working, the business are on its way to refreeze. Signs of refreeze are stable job description and so on. This concern that the changes are in a consistent time basis that used all time, and somehow amalgamated in day-to-day business. In terms of stability, workers feel comfortable and confident with the new ways of working. In Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited, carefully managed the success of involving staff in decision making must apply in everyday business and employees feels comfortable with the new ways of working.
i. Prepare
ii. Assign
iii. Confirm understanding
iv. Confirm commitment
v. Avoid “reverse delegating”
vi. Ensure accountability
In the Forming stage, in the case of Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited, staff crews show up at a new environment, new task with some of their co-workers and perhaps some new workers. The Forming stage takes place as each one hanging around their cars and vans waiting for work to start and figuring out who is who and what they will do on the new job. While forming happens without recognized in various work groups, it is an essential development stage, as key roles began to in-form and the atmosphere of the group can develop quite early.
Storming, the next stage of group development, this points out for some, not all, groups interacts with storming which this phase members test each other’s like challenging the power of individuals in the group. Groups experience over differences who is in charge, making decision and what requirements is expected from members. At Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited, confrontation and conflicts on processing plants are generally fixed out by the owner. This phase may be demonstrated by high intensities of conflicts or may concern of reasonably slight phase. Groups which tries to avoid any conflicts in an early storming phase often happenstance resistance and conflict during stages of group development. Groups pass through storming phase may go through again on storming as members are changed or condition.
Norming stage, groups go through this when forms of attitude and the way we do things starts to arise. Starting a meeting is an illustration of norm group. Allowing each one to talk as long as they like are group norms, limitation of discussion are group norms which its decides by the group members. Having cup of coffee and lunch all together is a norm which this is important to the owner’s project at Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited. Group norms suggest the comfort and confidents and familiarity of works, which can be one of the most importance aspects of working with others, specifically when the business is changing.
Performing phase, this stage is when a group of people began to reach their goals or achieving their target. The workers at Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited work hard to achieve their goals together. The owner express this as a flow, the encounter is to maintain and increase sales, and knowing the performance standard of your team. As Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited case suggest, for business partners, knowing the right size to grow the company.
Adjourning stage, finally while some groups still on progress for a long period of time, other groups complete their mission and go through this phase. Staff crews constantly re-forming a project with diverse selling unit, requiring different team configurations. When a group disbands, it mainly passes several stages of adjourning. During this phase, members may review the job, evaluate the group’s performance or celebrate victory or accept failure. Some had difficulties with endings. They might protect themselves from being loss by breaking group norms. Successful team may complete their original task and may attempt to search for diverse task or jobs to be taken to keep the group together. For like Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited, a successful team may remain together for future task as this demonstrate leadership. Alternatively, some may not meet each other all over again.
Group-task-role points straight to the completion of task, achievement of purpose. This part concern of roles and behaviors which this means job leader, information getter and so on. To minimize having diverse activities is getting the rightful person for the job which he/she is familiar with what the task is required in order for the completion and achievements of goals.
Group-maintenance-role function is to form and maintain social needs of group members. This role can strengthen interpersonal skills of staffs in Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited in facts providing a good interpersonal character with the group members makes them feel like they are valued.
Self-orientated-role this concern of having a self-strengthening oriented by intrapersonal skills which demonstrate diverse skills to cover diverse roles in the company with this relates to Billy’s Awesome Seafood Company Limited by the staff providing diverse intrapersonal skills to improve sales which benefits the company