Think about all the spices used to season food and where they came from

Think about all the spices used to season food and where they came from. Spices that are commonly found in a cabinet can be easily accessible at a local store. Back in 1521 people traveled across the oceans and sea to obtain spices like nutmeg, pepper, and cloves. In the late middle ages Europeans travelled to mysterious spice island in distant Asia and wondered if there wasn’t an easier way. Ferdinand Magellan, a skilled navigator from Portugal, wanted to make the discovery of a strait that cut through the Americas and led to the spice islands on the other side. He was given a ship and complete authority of 270 crew members, including some from Spain which caused problems. He was very tough as a captain. During their expedition Magellan was killed in combat with the Philippians. Many of his men didn’t attempt to help him. While some may argue that Magellan is worth defending, Magellan should not be defended because Magellan was bad leader and violent.

Magellan was a bad leader because he was cruel to his crew. He reduced the food to old biscuits, wine, and contaminated water (doc D). The crew also suffered from a disease that caused swelling at the gums and eventually die. The was caused by not eating enough vitamin c. Magellan and his officers’ food had enough vitamin c to prevent scurvy but did not share with his men (doc D). This shows that Magellan is too selfish to care about the lives of the crew.