There are many different stages in human lives that shape us to be who we are today

There are many different stages in human lives that shape us to be who we are today, two which are childhood and adolescence. You develop throughout the years, interest, maturity and behavior changes, you tend to focus more on your surroundings, all that from childhood. I truly admit my child self is extremely different from my teenage life.

My interest on activities and hobby had a big effect on my teenage life differ from my child life. As a child, I obviously usually had very little to do other than playing with toys or friends. Activities were mainly for fun purposes, as if for right now, it seems to me like a goal, a challenge.

As a child you obviously aren’t as mature. I must say I have quiet down, became less hyper and serious. As for my childhood, the way I acted mentally or emotionally is a factor into my maturity level, based mostly on my conduct. Looking back to my childhood it had made a good effect on my teenage life, they way I was, was awfully miserable.

Both as a child and as an adolescent you share memories with your friends and find happiness being around them but developing through adolescence, friends become as close as family. As in my childhood, I depended less on others, I didn’t pay attention to who I had a hate or a friendly relationship with, as for my teenage self, friendships become deeper. I constantly found myself changing the way I feel about people and situations, depending on the way I have been affected from my childhood.

During my child years, life wasn’t that big of a deal to me, nor my future. I tend to enjoy every moment carelessly because I was a child. In school, I learnt the basics, but didn’t have my full attention to my progress in school. During my adolescent years I tend to shift focus to my life and my future. I likewise concentrate more on my education as I have numerous prior years to start to begin working.

To conclude, in our childhood, we were simply kids. My childhood affect me to just maintain my life precisely more. Everybody has a way childhood affected their teenage life and changing who they used to be and to whom they are the moment or it hasn’t.