The adsorption process for Br

The adsorption process for Br.G, To.B and Tr.B dyes onto [email protected] was detected by batch method. A 0.1 g of [email protected] was added to 25 ml of dyes solution in brown glass with known pH and concentration. The tubes were shacked for 1 h at room temperature, the adsorbent were separated and the remaining dye solution were measured spectrophotometrically. At maximum wavelength for Br.G, To.B and Tr.B dyes, the concentration of adsorbed dye solution were detected. By knowing C? (initial concentration, mg/L) and Ce (concentration of dye remains, mg/L), V is the volume of Br.G, To.B and Tr.B dyes and m is the mass of [email protected] (g). The percentage removal (%E) of dyes and capacity of [email protected] was calculated by equations:
%E=(C?-C_e)/C?×100 (1)
Q=C?EV?m (2)