People use to have a question that

People use to have a question that, is solar energy has the power to supply many people at once. Since the solar panels invented, it produced electricity to a specific amount of area. For instance, powering park lights, charging car batteries or phone, and mini-projects like that. But that is not permeant, the solar panels working on mini projects. Day by day the inventions increasing so the solar energy power getting methods and equipment. The top global solar innovator, Abengoa Solar, the Spanish company behind Solucar’s branch “In Arizona, about 70 miles southwest of Phoenix, lies a massive grid of curved, glinting mirrors. These are the parabolic troughs of Solana Generating Station, a CSP plant opened in October 2013 that produces enough energy to power 70,000 homes” (Morton). Likewise, Japan’s Kyocera TCL Solar LLC largest operation of floating solar plant is “With 180,000m2 (over 44 acres) of surface area, 50,904 Kyocera solar modules were installed to generate an estimated 16,170-megawatt hours (MWh) per year — enough electricity to power approximately 4,970 typical households” (Kyocera). The both Arizona glinting mirrors and Japan’s floating solar plant cleared that solar energy can supply up to 7000 household at once. If already its possible, then in future the number of supplying households will go higher, maybe the world.