Penang Mutiara is one of the prominent hotels in south East Asia

Penang Mutiara is one of the prominent hotels in south East Asia. Certainly, they were able to secure a position in the highly competitive industry.
for get a biggest enlargement, and get more achievement, Penang Mutiara has to Enlarge its business in other areas to increase more market shares against other first-class and strong competitors in the whole Asia region, or even in the worldmm , Offer the differentiation, high standard quality and specific hotel facilities, and peaceful environment for customers.
And to implement any change in strategy Through concession and association with other business such as movie companies , tour companies, ocean & safari theme park, movie , golf or car club, complete set of hotel industry which is gathering tour, enjoyment, business exploiter, relaxation together. Complete foundational services, such as transporting line services; wireless internet , Diversifying its services to satisfy different demands of customers, such as offering difference holiday traveling packages; seasoning conference market different packages; varied kinds of foods. On the other hand , Develop automatic system to offer, services and payment Form registering membership with loyal customers who can be offered more free services or good price and receiving the latest promotion information.;

To conclude, succeeding competitive advantage through reaching awards by wining several significant international awards in the long run can also increase the hotel name to bring in steady profits and revenues.

Second question answer:

There are five performance objectives of Quality. Speed. Dependability. Flexibility and Cost will embrace an impact and profits on both internal and external clients of the hotel.

Quality object. Which means making things right can return external clients by proposing faultless quality service to achieve service excellence.
Internally. Staff can achieve satisfaction by supplying error-free goods and services to give quality benefit to the external clients. . Achieving high client pleasure will take to the likeliness that the customer will return.
Speed objective which means making things right. Can profit external customers by giving them a velocity improvement to have the services in the shortest possible clip with nominal hold.
Internally. It efficaciously minimizes the response clip to present facilities to the customers which in bend cut down the labor cost and increasing the helpfulness of services. .
Dependability objective. Which means to make things on clip and to present suitable promises made to the customers. External customers can derive a dependableness advantage should operations staff are able to success this objective.
Internally. It allows staff to win common trust and increases operational dependability of internal customers in presenting services therefore saving clip. Money due to ineffective norm of clip.
Flexibility objective. With the ability to do changes to let flexibleness to differ and adapt the operations activities to get by with unexpected prosperities. Externally. Customers are able to bask the flexibleness advantage to have customized services matching to their personal desires should they hold any.
Internally. It can rush up reply clip. Recover clip wasted in conversion and maintain dependableness. Flexibility in arrangement of staff who is able to multi undertaking during demand or extremum season as excess aid can support to avoid work overload by engaging impermanent staff.
Cost objective: by making things stingily. Pursue to act upon the cost of the hotel’s goods and services. Externally. It can go through good cost and nest eggs to consumers.
Internally. By allowing a good return to the organization. Low operating disbursals and low employment operating cost by arraigning impermanent staff during peak period to avoid abundant staff after the season can achieve cost decrease which means more incentives. Public assistance and fillips for staff .

To conclude, the case describes how quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost impact on the hotel’s external customers. Hotel management should present new strategies to implement and enhancement further changes to enhance the existing strategy.