Name : Bhekinkosi

Student No. : 1872706

Tutor : Gabriella

BC Reactions
“In Safety We Believe”
No. 1 Dolphin Cove
Florida Lake

22 August 2018

The South African Banking Association
32 Claim Road
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Dear Mr Mhlanga
Cash-In-Transit Heist Reduction Proposal
The reason I was attracted by this post is because of my passion in security logistics and strategies. I also have great interest and knowledge in cash-in-transit heists due to my company’s prior work experience that pertain to similar issues. BC Creations is enriched with adequate skills of which I believe would play a big role in coming up with solutions to the cash-in-transit heists that are deteriorating the country’s economic growth, bringing about instability and causing insecurity as ordinary residents fear for their safety due to the unpredictability of these attacks occurrence.
BC Creations has been tackling crime in South Africa for the past fifteen years. New systems have to be introduced that allow immediate reactions in case of an attack. Upgrades have to be implemented in terms of the guards’ equipment so that they are in equal terms with criminals. I look forward to your response. For further information please e-mail me anytime at [email protected]
Yours Sincerely
Bhekinkosi Chuma
Executive Summary
BC Creations is highly concerned with the clients’ demands thus putting everyone in our company to a level where they work tirelessly to sufficiently satisfy the client.
With fifteen years’ experience, combating crime and illegal activities that hinder economic has been one of our major focuses since 1998. We have ensured safe travels for delivery truck through our highway patrol anti-crime units that work tirelessly to maintain safety.

Below is the revised approach to minimise this epidemic.
Current Problems Proposed Solutions
The corruption with some police being involved as accomplices in these heists and releasing confiscated weapons to criminals for cash-in-transit heist operations. Deploy a special task force that specialise in intensive investigation in regular police activities and also does follow ups in confiscated weapons.
Lack of patrol cars in areas where cash-in-transit vans are supposed to deliver and collect cash Introduce disguise patrol cars that will back up the cash-in-transit staff at delivering and collection points.
Criminals have access to better armour, namely AK-47, than cash-in-transit staff thus giving them an upper hand The cash-in-transit staff should be reinforced with ammunition that will allow them to supress the criminals

Background To The Problem
Gerber (2018) states that the statistics tell the story. In 2014 there were 180 cash-in-transit incidents and in 2017, there were 370. A massive 105% increase in a period of just three years. Cash-in-transit heists have always been part of the South African crime scene. According to crime statistics, cash-in-transit crimes were at a high in 2006, with 467 occurrences. It dropped off dramatically for some years, but 12 years later we are back in crisis mode.
The people behind cash-in-transit heists are very creative, intelligent and organised; they take their time to pull off such heists. Masterminds behind these jobs have access to powerful weapons that they provide to the people that perform the actual heist. The cash-in-transit guards and SAPS do not have such weapons within their structures, for example like an AK-47 that is always carried by the perpetrators. This type of fire arms are brought from outside countries that are experiencing war and are brought inside South Africa in an illegal manner. Currently the governments’ security structures are being outsmarted by the bosses of these schemes hence we continue to experience cash-in-transit heists in front of our eyes during daylight.
Workers in the mining industry play a vital role in cash-in-transit heists because they are the only people with access and knowledge on how to explosives used in exploding cash vans. Dynamites used in these heists are said to be commercial, hence they can released to the robbers by people working in industries that uses dynamites in huge quantities. Corruption within the SAPS structures have played a major contribution to everyday heists, it has been said that when heists occur they are no police vans available around those areas to react immediately to the situation by different observers in different scenarios when they are asked about the arrival of the police. Police also carry ammunition for these robbers and provide tip offs about patrols and whereabouts of cash vans.
Cash-in-transit heists have been on an increase since 2017 with 63 guards suffering injuries in 2018. Two pedestrians have been injured and forty-nine vehicles at a cost of R64 million have been damaged ANA (2018). The amount of money lost in cash-in-transit has not been exactly revealed but it has approximated that the economy will lose more than R470 million if proper measures are not taken on the attacks of cash-in-transit vans.

General Specifications
When robbers are more organised and committed than law enforcement, we need to wake up and ask how they access such intelligence and resources to carry out their activities. This is, in my view, a matter of national security that needs to be dealt with as such – through a commission of inquiry. We can introduce cars that accompany the cash-in-transit vans when they are carrying large amounts of money and install trackers that can be activated on cash bags so that when taken the authorities can be notified. The cash-in-transit vans may be upgraded and manufactured with extra vaults inside them and explosive-resistance material that will even keep the money safer from criminals. This method can buy time for the police to find the criminals on scene.
The critical goal in dealing with these heists will be to introduce highly responsive systems to allow communication between the police and cash van staff in case of emergency for immediate reaction to the situation. The cash-in-transit stuff should be allowed to carry heavy ammunition compared to that one carried by the robbers so that they can be in equal terms with the robbers if their caught in a situation where they is no effective communication with the police. Cash-in-transit vans should have technology that will be installed on it. This technology will always track the vans whereabouts and automatically sends the location to police on nearby radar when the van stops for a longer period of time than expected in traffic.