Largely, financial issues are a direct result of the required various technological resources as wells as adequate transportation. Students are currently under great pressure caused by the mandatory means needed to maintain a college education. Classrooms are speedily multiplying the rate at which they use technologies such as the Internet, web cams, and copious other tools. An undergraduate with a low socioeconomic status is understandably prone to limited funds.
Nevertheless, economic troubles are not unmanageable. Financial aid, grants, student loans and scholarships have become exceedingly helpful to college students. The availability of these fiscal utensils has enlarged sufficiently causing rates of 45 percent of students expending loans, 59 percent using grant funding and 79 percent utilizing financial aid. (O’Donnell ; Associates) With the help of these resources controlling fees associated with college education becomes unproblematic. At the very least, these assets can make financial issues less taxing.