Karl Marx is popular for his conflict hypothesis

Karl Marx is popular for his conflict hypothesis. His hypothesis imagined the general public as being based upon the differences among two classes. His hypothesis accentuates the imbalances among the two classes. In his perspective the decision class abuse their position with a specific end goal to control the lower class. There are three key factors to take a look at while assessing his hypothesis, for example conflict, class and capitalism. According to Marx the contrasts between the decision class and the lower class shows a wide class division. It is in his view that the interests of the decision class were secured and advanced. The resulting social differences caused struggle in the public eye, Capitalism additionally caused irreconcilable differences between the classes. The requirement for the decision class to make profits is in conflict with the requirement for the lower class to earn enough to live and survive. The decision class turned out to be to a great degree affluent while the lower class worked extend periods of time for very little pay.