INNOCENCE by André Ferreira «Innocence is the lack of guile or corruption

by André Ferreira

«Innocence is the lack of guile or corruption, is purity, is a person’s virginity»;
this are the most common definitions we see/hear of the meaning of innocence.
Every time anyone thinks about it relates it to childhood, that time of our lives
when we didn’t knew the harsh reality of the world and actually didn’t had to deal
with it.
The loss of our innocence comes with us growing up and acknowledging what
we do, for example, starting doing good and bad things on purpose. It also comes
when we start to explore and discovering our body and start sexualizing it, we
start to feel the need to show off and thinking in the idea of sex. As I mention
before, innocence is lost with our growth which means that some people might
lose it first than others.
The idea of losing our innocence can be eye opener because we start to
experience the real world as it is, not in an unrealistic way like we did in childhood.
We can describe innocence as the lack of knowledge of the real world and when
we lose it we discover new things and, in a certain way, start to explore the “dark”
side of life.