In conclusion

In conclusion, despite the marine environments having different characteristics and charms, both are suffering the same threat – fishing and tourism. The threat fishing which is evident in the Mediterranean Sea and the Great Barrier Reef lost key species that contributed to their environment. However, unlike the Mediterranean Sea, the great barrier reef was less affected due to better management by local groups and the government than in the Mediterranean Sea. The sea has been an important pastime and a source of income to both coastal communities in the Mediterranean and in Queensland (Australia). To add to that, tourism is also a comparable threat. Both Mediterranean Sea and the Great Barrier Reef are well-known tourist locations; however, both marine environments suffered from water intoxication caused tourist facilities and marine animal disturbance from tourist approaching the animals too closely. Each government and local in both marine environments implemented plans to stop pollution and zones that regulate and monitor activities in the sector, stopping pollution created by tourist facilities/vessels and educate tourist about the importance of marine life to the marine environment. With the assistance of everyone, including local groups, both marine environments will be preserved for many generations to come