hroughout this course

hroughout this course, I have learned many different ‘isms’ and the one that stuck out tome the most was ageism. It was significant because it was never something I thought of myself being, I didn’t think that I had a bias until I learned about it. Overcoming the prejudice of ageismis a challenge for me because it is normalized in society. To see elderly people as unfit, and senileis how they have been portrayed my entire life; through media and actions of the people around me. This prejudice has been taught to me through my environment, and I plan to unlearn this bias. By unlearning this bias I hope to view elders in a different light; by being able to see them as people first, instead of senile and old. I hope to view them as someone’s dad, mom, son, or daughter, and realize that they were once my age as well. My ageism bias stems from authoritative and elderly persons in society. I need to unlearn this bias because it places an assumed negative persona of every authoritative and elderly figure Iencounter in society. I assume that all authoritative figures think they are better than I am because they wear a badge, or have a title; this is wrong to think because I have stereotyped multiple groups in society due to their titles. Assuming each authoritative figure thinks lesser of me because I am not equal to them in society is a bias that I have developed over the years, with negative experiences and media content in society. My bias towards elderly people is not as prominent, but it does exist. I tend to go out of my element when around older people; I think that because they are so much older, I have nothing to say to them, or that they have nothing in
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LET’S FACE IT PAPER 4common with me. Both prejudice assumptions are under the umbrella of ageism and adultism; this bias is an issue in my daily life because I make assumptions of people based off of what theylook like, and what their titles are.