him value and direction in life and this knowledge is burdened over the mind of an individual

him value and direction in life and this knowledge is burdened over the mind of an individual. on the other hand camus believes that in an individuals journey to find the truth and meaning of his existence and to revolt against the strange or the absurd he learns a lot about the human condition. the major role of absurd in the lives of individual is to teach them that every experience is important in an individuals life and huge amount of experiences will help him attain wisdom. it also teaches an individual to be indifferent to the future i.e. death. camus states that beyond the boundaries of the existence lies collapseand nothingness camus 1942: 60 for a man to live a life as absurd is like to live a life in harmony in a world without a god without concerning about the future and weakness. in nausea the theme of bad faith is portrayed by showing the inauthenticity of men. it is described through the people in the cafe mably where people join others in a group in order to exist sartre 2000: 16 and there are people who find it important to think the same things all together 19 in order to be a part of the society and does not feel alone and get isolated from the rest. people in order to exist in the society use the herd instinct. in contrast to such people the protagonist findhimself as the person who lives alone although at times he is tempted to take refuge in others. he is being divorced and detached from the society brings him increasingly close of experiencing the reality. in the stranger camus gives the references of the events that occurs at the outset of the novel and have great importance inherent to existentialism. one such example is the death of meursaults mother. itis observed that he does not act emotionally at his mothers death what the rest of the society believes him to do. most of the times he is sleepy and at other times he is busy smoking. meursault is seen as an unconventional protagonist who does what he believes is good not what society and people think is appropriate. camus objective of meursaults characterization the stranger within existential concepts is to show the cold nature and true self of the human beings. freedom of choice is one of the most important aspects ofexistential philosophy. an individual makes choices without taking the consent of others or standards of society and later takes responsibility and keeps committed to the choices taken and decisions made keeping aside where it leads them. another common aspect of existentialism is death but not everyone has an answer to how individuals accept and understand this universal reality. the absurdities of life according to camus at different situations manipulate the mind and mentality of the people which makes an individualto alienate from the rest of the world and society also try to execute an individual based on his emotional reactions and his indifferent view of the irrelevant things. during the execution of meursault for committing a crime of killing an arab was indeed became the execution of meursault for committing the atrocities by smoking sleeping and not acting emotionally during his mothers funeral. the jury tries to execute him on the moral truth based on deformed misconceptions which seeks to try him on the basis of right and wrongby misinterpreting the principles of justice. here jury symbolises the people in the society who fail to recognise that an individuals choice and freedom is .the essence of individual existence and the deciding factor of ones morality. ref according to sartres concept bad faith is where an individual is not true to itself and to others when the individual is not what he actually is it could be seen as the false identity an individual puts on consciously. whereas existentialists do not put a veil of false identity but exercise the freedom and their free will to make their own choices take decisions and understand to take the responsibility of their actions and overcome the sufferings. existential individual appears to be absurd to others because others willingly accepts the anguish within themselves bows down to itand lead towards the direction of a systematic life which for him is hollow. on the other hand according to camus an existential individual is absurd and the moment he understands the absurdity of life world and universe and he quits to question the absurdity and accepts the existential freedom.