Having technology in the classroom can be a blessing

Having technology in the classroom can be a blessing, but often times it’s acurse. Some teachers allow technology in the classroom because it engages thestudent. Other time student takes advantage and go off to different websites. Cause ofthat some teachers have banned technology use in the class. I think there arenumerous benefits to having no technology in the classroom. (i.e taking notes on yourcome laptop or taking pictures of the board). The benefits of having no technology in theclassroom are, so it’s not a distraction to the teacher and others, it helps prevent peoplefrom cheating, and another reason is that studies show that if you write down everythingit helps you better to retain the information.One of the benefits of not technology in the classroom especially Math class itcuts down on the distractions for the teacher and the students. People who are takingnotes on their laptops, most of the time they are on their laptops. During math classtaking notes on your laptop isn’t effective because Math is somewhat interactive, duringproblems or solving x isn’t easy on the computer versus writing it down. For most of theteachers, it’s the number one worry if they decide to allow technology into theclassroom. It’s a distraction for others. If you’re in the middle of learning LogarithmicFunction and you’re not understanding it; across from you someone is watching BlackPanther you would most like watch Black Panther with the student across from you. Ifteachers did not allow technology in the classroom then they’ll be eliminated all thepossibles of distractions happening.Another reason why teachers should say no to technology is that it won’t allowstudents to cheat. There is a lot of apps that help and guide you through mathproblems. Some students take advantage of that. Some students use allows the site toable to cheat during tests and homework. Those sites and apps are there to help us andsome us where we went wrong with our problem. Over the year I witnessed peoplecheat on their math exams with their phone. Sometimes the teachers aren’t payingattention. It’s not fair to students who actually study for their exams. To help with thatsome teacher ask students to turn their phone off and place it in their bags or put themin the front of the room.Last reason why teachers should not allow technology in the classroom, becausestudies show that you’ll retain more information by writing it does versus looking at it onpaper or typing. Speaking from experience especially in math class. When I do aproblem out and writing now every step it helps me better remember the problem. Whenteachers give study guide, I do all the problems and write down every step. When itcomes to the test I remember doing those same problems on the study guide. How Idid it on the study guide, I didn’t on the test. For math, I feel like it’s important to writedown because you can easily make a mistake writing it down on paper and imaginehow many mistakes you can make on a computer or phone.In conclusions there are many benefits to no having technology in the classroom,it cuts down on distractions, prevents people from cheating, and it helps retaininformation. Personally, I won’t be affected by this because I don’t use my phone inclass for math. In all the math classes I’ve taken I always used a pencil and paper.Genuinely, if I didn’t have a paper or pencil, I would feel weird and out of place.