For instance

For instance: smartphones. Smartphones are actually a great model of how technology made our life easy. Smartphones give you a good camera quality, fast connection with household members, hospitals, police, and so many things. For example, My manager called me and needed me to take a photo of me as soon as possible when I was having a dinner with my friends. And my friend told me to stand by a white wall and took photos of me.And the result? No one has figured it out. And fast communication and connection with others in emergency situations is another feature smartphone does have. For instance: I was driving late night when a man crushed my car and my younger sister fell down from her seat and start bleeding. So, I opened her phone and pressed the emergency button. But keep in your mind using phones a lot might become a bad habit and consequences, so you should watch out. But in generalTechnology might be helpful in so many ways for us.