Dear Mr

Dear Mr. Joss,
In recent years, you have been one of the extraordinary personnel in the department. A considerable amount of your bosses have said how brilliant and dedicated you are. I realize that you have a sharp personality for business and your perky state of mind has helped the whole department get past some unpleasant circumstances as of late. Personally, your astute counsel had helped me develop into my current leadership role when I got my promotion to marketing manager several years ago.
I by and large welcome your contribution to the office’s activities and I have implemented a few of your plans to enhance the organization’s marketing endeavors. Nonetheless, the proposition you emailed to me yesterday was not a portion of your best work. Nickel Advertising has been in association with us for more than ten years, and you asked for that we dump Nickel Advertising and run with a smaller agency. I have never heard of this small marketing agency but would be keen to learn about them.
In asking we dump an advertising organization like Nickel Advertising, you should give all the more a reason than saying that the agency had turned unresponsive and that a smaller agency would better meet our needs. This is the first I’ve known about any negative feedback of Nickel Advertising and truth be told; their work has helped our company increase sales every year.
Also, you have neglected to address any of the other criteria that are utilized to choose advertising agencies, for example, creative skills, technical abilities, geographic reach, research capabilities, and media experience. Until the point when you give me the required criteria, I plan on keeping Nickel Advertising unless you can give me genuine reasons why I shouldn’t.
I know you can improve the work as you have consistently demonstrated. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to email me.
Agyeman George Kwadwo.