“CRITICAL ANALYSIS” The Damaged Culture by

The Damaged Culture
by: James Fallows

Submitted By:
Alethea Lois Y. Cuntapay
The Damaged Culture of Mr. James Fallows is about the state of our country after former President Corazon Aquino takes the chair after the 10 years of suffering under the Marcos administration and its way of creating rules and laws with those special armed forces and that time, we have different cultures because of many influences given by Spaniards, and most especially the influence and control of the America. And according to Mr. Fallows in that time and situation, “This is a country where the national ambition is to change your Nationality”
In Mr. Fallow’s statements in his whole article about the Filipinos, the Government and the Philippines, honestly I felt slightly offended because for me he has no right to judge our country by its economic state and also those people who have a contribution and surrounds it especially he mentioned there our former President Ferdinand Marcos who he named evil, where in mere fact, we suffered so long in his administration. And he also named our former President Corazon Aquino a saint because of her goodness to every Filipinos and because she opened the eyes of each and everyone that we have rights and freedom, and also to other countries that has been considered as improving countries like Spain, Cambodia, and most of all he also tackled about the colonialization of America. But as I understand deeply what he was trying to say in his statements, I consider his ideas that he was partly right. He has its own perception by the way. Honestly speaking, I don’t know where between my pride as a Filipino or the remarks of Mr. Fallows because I’m still looking forward for the progress of our beloved country or to live in reality. For me, if we truly have a concern and if we really love our country, we will not suffer like this, it would not be in its current state right now because we’re just chilling things out like we’re just taking some matters lightly and not seriously but I think when the time comes that those problems affects us directly, that will be the time that we’re going to take them seriously. Ever since I had my own mind, I always believed that Nationalism was all about loving our own country, but let us be realists because it’s really not. Those beliefs about that Nationalism is just a disguise and it is only an illusion so that we will not realize that most of us, simply don’t care about our country. Yes, we admit that we love our country, we love Philippines but let us think, do we consider ourselves a responsible citizen? Did we make an important or helpful thing to our country? No, we did nothing. Where in fact we’re only contributing to its degradation and in that case I don’t think that we deserve to be called “Nationalistic Filipinos” but we just have to accept the fact that we only deserve only the title of being a “Filipinos” nothing more, nothing less. For many generations we’ve been left with the saying that Nationalism is in the heart of every people where in fact that effort must be exerted to be truly nationalistic. We have to prioritize what is the main necessity of our country and its interests and promote them but honestly we’re just only prioritizing our own interests and don’t care about the country anymore. This is we really din in the past, like we chose to believe in Marcos’ platforms and fooled by his promises and I can say that we can still continue to do it in the years to come.