Creativity is an increasingly appreciated skill

Creativity is an increasingly appreciated skill. The machines have a hard time imitating us in this area. That’s why being creative is one more value that we have in our favor because in the future we cannot be replaced. And it is this ability that makes innovation possible. We are all born with the ability to be creative, although it is always possible to learn to increase it.

If you all look at the selection processes carried out by companies such as Google or Apple you all will realize that they are evaluating creative intelligence because they know that it is the one that is at the base of innovation. They want to grow the service or resource and take it beyond the function to have more success. They want to continue working with technological advances and automate the multitude of tasks. It is so much progress that they have achieved that the destruction of employment is being felt. However, if we change our way of working and use innovation in our favor as they are doing, a robot cannot replace any activity directly related to creativity so easily.

Not everything will depend on you, we will help you to develop this environment of creativity healthy, without any pressure or stress, because here we are to learn and be better every day in our specialty. We will give you space for your creativity and we will support you in everything. Every idea will be used and we will improve it as a team, it will not be thrown on the ground just because of phobia of the new, it is time to learn new things.

We will work with enthusiasm. Motivation is a source of inspiration. Let yourself be carried away by your enthusiasm and you will discover many things that you have never thought about. Have confidence in yourself. Trust is very important because if you do not trust you, who will trust? Once you trust your ideas, you will see the fruits. Take distance. It is okay sometimes to change your point of view. It is good because it will help to achieve success. Finally, experience. It is not good to keep the first idea. Once you complete your first idea your mind will continue to work and create better ideas.

Another way to create new innovations is also taking advantage of the creativity of the clients. No doubt the clients also have great ideas, in fact, they are the ones that set the standard of what is right and wrong. Our customers can give us the best ideas for product innovation, customer service, new promotions, anyway. So we can apply an online survey and know what they have to say and contribute. Take into account that no matter how much we promote creativity at work, it is useless if what we implement does not work for clients. So they too will feel part of the company.

Here I will give you tips to develop the creativity:

? Keep the mind active: to cultivate the creative mental state to perform more complex activities or outside of their tasks that involve a challenge.
? Reading – Reading opens you to real and imaginary worlds and new perspectives. It is a guaranteed alarm for your mind and your imagination.
? Traveling – Knowing new places can be a 360 degree turn in your imagination and in the way you see reality, it definitely breaks with preconceptions you have about life and people.
? Take risks – Taking risks goes far beyond playing extreme games, taking risks is basically leaving your comfort zone, facing your fears or doing something you do not like and seeing it with new eyes, like having the courage to make mistakes and learn from them.
? Introspection – Finally one of the most powerful weapons of creativity, there is nothing like knowing yourself to be able to awaken your creativity. Go deep within yourself and analyze all those mechanisms or fears that prevent you from being creative.