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This paper describes about a global leader and the leadership theories, concepts associated with the chosen person, the reason for his success and lessons learned from this leader and identify if it was effective or ineffective leadership.
Barack Hussein Obama is the foremost African -American elected as the 44th President of the US and Commander-in-chief holding two terms. A usual change from the white/Caucasian president to a Black president proves a possible reconstruction of the society & demographics. He has been a leader in good sense, getting engaged in helping the communities made him popular contemporary leader.
Obamas management style continues to awe many observers, colleagues, those who knows him and so on. He has sustained fundamental management and leadership values that performed him first as a public controller. There are some leaders are still considered as failure to their society for instance A.Hitler, Current US president Triumph are a few . Therefore, How a successful leader is being born and what makes them perfect? One who gives the people unblemished idea for their future, teaches them about the achievements and try to not stay on present. Followers should have an inspiration to his subject for an outcome. Former US president Barrack Obama come up with power in 2008 showing the US society all the qualities that should have. Obama defeated all the barriers in front of his path overcame major obstacles in his path that applauded him to beyond the borders and a lot of followers from round the clock. He was elected to a position which been formerly held by the Europid for ages. Obama had very little experience in politics but proves that he is a good role model to everyone. His two terms as a president with less political experience did not prevent him from acquiring a legend in the Democratic . As an African- American person, he is an inspiration to an entire world.
His democratic leadership style supported him to become US president, when economy was down, that enable him to inspire the US society. His campaign slogan “CHANGE” reflects in public. He believes that doing right thing on a right path can encourage others into those tracks but will take some time to win.

One of the longest presidential campaign run in history is by Barrack Obama, a long 21 months, has collected extra funds than any other candidate (CNN, 2008). Since 1972, 44th presidential election was indicated as the high voter turnout in 2008 especially election won by the democratic party (Huffington Post, 2008).
Then the paper explains about the leadership styles and lessons learned from the Obama.

Literature describes about the leadership styles, concepts of Barack Obama.



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