Another Italian Nationalist figure in Italy was Giuseppe Garibaldi

Another Italian Nationalist figure in Italy was Giuseppe Garibaldi. An Italian radical who emerged as a powerful independent force in Italian politics. He planned to liberate the Two Kingdoms of Sicilies of Italy, he helped unify southern Italy with the help of his Red Shirts. the “sword”, used guerilla tactics, won Sicilies, and Naples, republic, turns over land for sake of Italy, he organized an army of “red shirts” and conquered the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in southern Italy; then gave the lands over to. an action which unified the Italian peninsula, Italian nationalist whose “Red Shirts” free Sicilies and southern Italy and then united it with northern Italy super patriot-job of unification only half done-son of a poor sailor, revolutionary nationalism of Mazzini-led a corps of volunteers against Austria in 1859-emerged as an independent force in Italian politics, nationalist working in Southern Italy; worked with Cavour on unification of Italy; In 1861 he made a speech in which he tried to unify the Italian masses who were truly devoted to the nation. In his speech, he called for a greater commitment in an attempt . He uses the metaphor, “Let him who loves his country in his heart, and not with his lips only, follow me.” (Document 4)