Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie, grew up poor in in Dunfermline, Scotland, was considered an American hero for many reasons. He moved to the United States with his family in the late 1800s and started working at the young age of twelve to help support his family. He worked himself up from being a poor, Irish immigrant to becoming one of the most famous industrialists that helped transform the U.S. steel industry in the late 19th century. He ended up making such a large amount of money due to his work that he felt that he had the obligation to help develop the nation that allowed him to become rich. So, what exactly did he do that helped Americans ?

One reason he can be considered a hero is because of his influences on renovating the american steel industry which helped create the U.S. a world power which also helped create jobs that employed many americans. He was also one of the most influential philanthropists. Many people during this time were living in poverty and the amount of jobs were not sufficient enough to support families. The steel industry was one of the highest earning wages at that time which was $1.87. That doesn’t seem like a lot compared to out minimum wages nowadays but that was far above what other jobs were paying during that time. When Carnegie sold the Carnegie Steel company to J.P Morgan for $400 Million, the company (U.S Steel) created numerous amounts of jobs employing 168,000 people.

Andrew Carnegie was interested in helping other people and make sure they were getting opportunities to work and make a living. Again, Carnegie is considered a hero because of his philanthropy contributions/donations to society. He believed that the best way to spend your fortune was to devote it in ways that would most benefit the community, helping and providing them with what they couldn’t have. He also believed that it was proper to have completion between the rich and the poor because if there wasn’t, there would be no individuals capable enough to provide such jobs to further expand the essential needs of laborer and those of the economy. Someone that is so selfless and considerate like Andrew Carnegie should be considered a hero, since he had such a big impact on Americans during that time which also influences us today.