Although the Vikings were skilled farmers

Although the Vikings were skilled farmers, traders and fishermen whose culture was rich they were also bloodthirsty warriors.
Vikings were an independent civilization composed of accomplished farmers, fishermen and artisans who had a strong pagan belief system.
despite their lifestyle they were feared throughout Europe and known as bloodthirsty warriors due to their ruthless attacks.
The Vikings were skilled agriculturalists, fishers and artisans, who lived a relatively calm lifestyle. According to Roberts (2003) the Vikings farmed crops and animals. The secondary source implicitly shows that Vikings were an independent civilisation as they farmed their own food. It also shows that most lived near water making it easier to fish and load ships while, Source B (800) shows a variety of fishing equipment and partial food remains. This demonstrates that Vikings were an independent civilisation as they were able to craft complex tools that assisted in daily life. This primary source corroborates with source A as it shows that they lived an independent lifestyle this also increases the reliability of source A. Not only were Vikings skilled at farming but they also had a strong pagan belief system.
The Vikings had a pagan belief system which had many different Gods that helped them in everyday life including raiding. The secondary source, source C explicitly states “the Vikings were very satisfied with their own gods. Over a considerable period of time, the Nordic gods had shown their superiority with the numerous successful plundering raids against Christians around Europe (National Museum of Denmark).” This implies that they valued their gods for their help in raids as this was part of many Vikings income. Source D (Emil Doelin) which depicts “Valhalla” shows their belief that if you died an honourable death you will enter Valhalla as it displays warriors in armour. This shows that they had strong religious beliefs despite being Pagans. Their extreme devoutness did not stop Vikings from being feared as bloodthirsty warriors.
Vikings were feared throughout Europe because of their gruesome reputation. However, this reputation is not for nothing, Vikings often raided places with little care for anything or anyone. An example of this comes from Roberts (1993:167) which states ‘…monasteries were typically both wealthy and poorly defended, making them an easy target for plunder,’ this shows the Vikings perspectives of other religions and shows that they had a lack of respect and were only motivated to rob for riches. Source F explicitly shows a grave headstone which depicts armoured Viking raiders. This source supports the claim that Vikings were feared as they are shown on this gravestone as murderous warriors and it was made because of the Vikings brutal attack on Lindisfarne.
Despite the Vikings murderous nature, they were expert agriculturalists, fishers and traders with a rich culture.
Vikings lived a simple lifestyle which allowed them to be a self-sufficient civilisation.
They also had a complex pagan belief system which they valued and used in everyday life.
Vikings were feared by many, but this fear was validated as they would attack innocent people.
-Vikings will forever be remembered for their fierceness and intelligence.