7 Proven Health Benefits of CoQ10 Enzyme Coenzyme Q10

7 Proven Health Benefits of CoQ10 Enzyme
Coenzyme Q10, abbreviated as CoQ10 ( Co stands for Coenzyme , Q refers to the quinone head and 10 refers to the number of isoprenyl subunits) was first discovered in 1957 by Fredrick L. Crane and colleagues at University of Wiscoin – Madison Enzyme Institute. Its chemical structure was reported by Karl Folkers and coworkers in 1958.

It is falsely called vitamin Q as it resembles a vitamin. It is present in mitochondria and is a vital component of Electron Transport Chain ( ETC ) that generates energy currency , ATP, by exchanging two electrons between Ubiquinol (reduced state ) and Ubiquinone (oxidized state). It acts as an antioxidant too.

Following is the list of seven main benefits of CoQ10.

1. Treating Heart Failure
Heart requires continuous supply of energy to pump blood efficiently and meet the oxygen demand of the body cells. CoQ10 is important to maintain the energy level. Low level of CoQ10 is related to heart failure. the body cells burn fuel inefficiently and produces oxidative damage. as CoQ10 is an antioxidant and produces energy it prevents heart failure.

With age and unhealthy lifestyle concentration of CoQ10 decreases. This is the reason why obese and older people are at higher risk to heart problems.

A ten year study in which heart patients took 100 mg CoQ10 three times a day, shows that survival of even severe heart patients increased significantly. However it has been found that CoQ10 when given with Vitamin E is more effective. CoQ10 improves heart functioning but has less effect on patients taking angiotensin- converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs).

2. Prevents Cancer
Its first discovery shows that patients suffering from cancer had lower concentration of CoQ10 in their blood. To augment the healing process, CoQ10 is given after the primary treatment of cancer. It also reduces the side effects of medicines given in cancer treatment (especially doxorubicin).

It reduces DNA damage triggered by UV-A radiation in human cells and enhances the synthesis of healthy cell components. Animal study shows that CoQ10 nurtures immune system and prevent growth of cancerous cells .

A study on 32 females with breast cancer showed effects of CoQ10 . They were given nutrient supplement that included vitamins ,minerals and CoQ10 in addition to primary treatment. All the participants survived and they used less painkiller and even did not lose weight.

3. Control Diabetes
Diabetes is a medical condition characterised by high glucose level in blood. CoQ10 which is naturally synthesised in body is proved to reduce glucose level.
Studies have shown CoQ10 has a significant role in decreasing fasting blood sugar and average blood sugar levels over a period of months ( Hb1ac level). CoQ10 neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals that are produced by high glucose level in blood. CoQ10 supplements are safe for diabetic patients. Supplements includes beef , pork, fatty fish, soyabeans, lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds, vegetables (spinach , cauliflower) and fruits (oranges and strawberries).

4. Lung Protection
Lungs receive air which is a mixture of harmful and useful gases causing oxidative damage to it. CoQ10 is an antioxidant and prevents this damage. Low levels of CoQ10 damages lungs and causes asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which further reduces CoQ10 concentration in lungs.

A study on 21 people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease showed lower concentration of CoQ10. They were administered with CoQ10 supplements for 8 weeks and results showed positive effects on them.

It has been proven that asthmatics taking CoQ10 supplements take less steroidal medication than usual.

emphysema , a serious lung disease which is caused by smoking, damages the wall of air sacs (alveoli). this damage interferes with the exchange of oxygen to blood leading to cough and wheezing. your lungs can be protected from further damage by taking CoQ10 supplements daily.

It reduces fluid in the lungs, who earlier had heart failure and enables them to breathe easily.

5. Good for Brain
Taking CoQ10 supplements helps to prevent many brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease , Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, headaches and many other disorders.

Parkinson’s disease that comes with age causes loss of motor control nerve cells. Till date there is no treatment that could cure this disease but a recent article Archives of Neurology reveals that CoQ10 supplementation can slower the process of damage to nerves.
Alzheimer’s disease which can be simply understood as degeneration of brain cells. Increased oxidative stress causes malfunctioning of mitochondrial cells and results in death of brain neurons. An experiment on mice treated with CoQ10 improved its health. CoQ10 does not have any side effect on human health too and proves to be effective on humans also.

Low levels of CoQ10 causes migraine and other mental problems which can be reduced or cured by taking CoQ10 supplements. People with low level of CoQ10 does not show significant response to antidepressant medication. If they are given CoQ10 in addition to antidepressants better results have been found.

Even the antidepressants tends to reduce CoQ10 level, so people taking it with CoQ10 supplements are benefitted more.

6. Look Younger
Today a number of beauty products are available in market to make you look younger . All these products have a common beauty vitamin that is ANTIOXIDANT. You all might have heard ; antioxidant – to reduce tanning, antioxidant – to reduce wrinkles and aging. But do any of you knew what antioxidants do ? They reduce the harmful effect of free radicals that causes aging.
Your body itself produces an antioxidant, CoQ10. Having antioxidant properties CoQ10 helps to overcome damage caused by UV radiations , pollution, stress which ultimately leads to ageing. It energizes your skin to repair the damage and form new cells that are healthy. Further it also stimulates the production of collagen that keeps the skin tight and in shape an helps to look younger.

7. Enhances Exercise Performance
The primary function of CoQ10 is to generate ATP to meet the energy requirement of your body . It increases the cell affinity towards oxygen and reduces lactate (responsible for cramps) production during intense exercise. Further it also prevents oxidative damage to cells that tends to follow exercise-muscle damage.
Study showed the athletes taking supplements to enhance their performance had 100% chances to DNA damage while athletes taking CoQ10 supplements were less prone to it.

It helps in reducing body fatigue. Moreover, it also helps in recovering fast between bouts of exercise.
Scientists have reported that it also prevents the production of inflammatory compounds.

Coenzyme Q10 is an ubiquitous compound that is found from bacterial cell to human cell. It is an important fat soluble antioxidant and energy producer that is synthesised by our body . It has a vital role in converting food into energy and hence is essential for proper cell functioning.
CoQ10 on humans has shown significant effects. Being fat soluble it is more absorbed when taken with food. it has more effects when taken with vitamin E.

Its lower concentration causes as heart failure, high blood pressure, cancer, brain disorders and other severe diseases. CoQ10 may cure or slow the disease.